Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing people usually notice about you.  A beautiful white smile is such an attractive feature, making you look healthier, younger and more confident.  At Everything for Teeth, we offer two different options for teeth whitening.  Our in-office Zoom whitening treatment will lighten your teeth in about one and a half hours, so all you have to do is sit back and relax, while we whiten your teeth in the comfort of our practice.

Our at home whitening option offers the ease and comfort of whitening in familiar surrounds at times convenient to you.  Impressions are taken of your teeth at your initial consultation and from these, custom-made trays are made.  These are worn with a specialized whitening gel for a short period of time each day, for 2 to 3 weeks.  This is a safe and effective system.  This method provides a gentle, gradual and cost-effective method of whitening your teeth.


What results can I expect?

Results vary between individuals.  Teeth whitening tends to work more effectively on patients with a yellowish tinge to their teeth as opposed to a bluish one.  Some patients can expect to see a difference of up to eight shades, whereas others may only see slight results.  Patients with teeth that a darker shade of yellow to start with will usually expect to see more drastic results than those whose teeth are already fairly white initially.


Why Zoom?

Philips Zoom is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment. In fact, over 10 million patients have already used Zoom to achieve brighter, healthier smiles. Zoom has been proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in certain patients.  The benefit of the Zoom treatment is that you will achieve a whiter smile in just over an hour.  This treatment is fantastic for people who need fast results and lack motivation to bleach their teeth for several weeks using custom-made bleaching trays.  At Everything for Teeth, patients who undergo a ZOOM treatment will also receive custom-made bleaching trays for future use.


Are there any side effects of bleaching?

There will be short term dehydration of the teeth during the ZOOM treatment, which may cause teeth sensitivity. This can be relieved with painkillers if required.  More sensitivity is generally noticed during the ZOOM treatment than the home whitening treatment.  This sensitivity is only temporary.

Teeth whitening is considered to be the safest cosmetic dental procedure available.  Stains in teeth are broken down into colourless molecules, but the structure of the tooth is left unaltered and as healthy it was before the whitening treatment.


How long does it last?

This will vary from patient to patient and will depend greatly on the amount of consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, berries etc.  Teeth will tend to darken with time.  Some people may find that their teeth may start to darken after 6 months, while some may find that after 2 years their teeth are still white.

We recommend that in order to maintain a really bright smile that some bleaching gel is purchased at your routine checkup every 12 months.  By using the custom made trays for a few days once or twice a year your white smile can be easily maintained.