Restorative Dentistry

At some point in their lives, most people will require a filling. Fillings are required to replace decayed tooth structure or that lost due to trauma.


What type of filling material do we use?

At Everything for Teeth, we use composite fillings.  Composite is made of a resin material mixed with small glass particles.  Composite has revolutionised filling technology by providing a treatment option that can be colour matched to your teeth, as opposed to the older, unsightly silver fillings.  Composite is suitable for repairing both anterior and posterior teeth.  They are placed into your tooth and adapted carefully, allowing an exact fit.  Composite is easily moulded and can therefore  create a natural appearance when rebuilding a tooth broken down due to tooth wear or trauma.

The advantages of composite over the silver amalgam filling material is that they are tooth coloured and hence more aesthetically pleasing.  Composite bonds to tooth structure well.  Teeth filled with composite tend to be stronger than teeth filled with amalgam.

When significant amounts of tooth structure are lost, a tooth may be better repaired with a porcelain or gold inlay or onlay made by our lab technician.  These will be cemented into the tooth and tend to be stronger than a composite filling.

With advances in modern dental materials and techniques, we now have more ways to create beautiful, natural-looking smiles. Patients today have several options when it comes to selecting materials to repair decayed, missing, worn or damaged teeth.