Mouth Guards

Sport and recreational activities are the most common cause of dental injuries.  These dental injuries can be very painful and expensive to treat.  Many of these injuries can be prevented, or the severity minimised, by wearing a protective mouthguard.


What does a mouthguard do?

A mouthguard provides a valuable layer of protection for your teeth during physical activities.  It helps to absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face.  Without a mouthguard, chipped or broken teeth, internal damage to a tooth, tooth loss or injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth will more readily occur.


Who should wear a mouthguard?

The Australian dental association has the following recommendations with regards to wearing a mouthguard:

Anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of contact to the face should wear a mouthguard.

This includes obvious sports such as football, boxing and rugby, and also collision sports where unexpected contact often happens. These include basketball, hockey, water polo, lacrosse, netball, baseball, softball, squash, soccer, BMX bike riding, horse riding, skateboarding, in-line skating, trampolining, cricket (wicket keeping or batting without a helmet), water skiing and snow ski racing


What sort of mouthguard is best?

The Australian dental association recommends that only a professionally custom-fitted mouthguard be worn.  A custom fitted mouthguard is a small investment that will help ensure the health of your teeth and is the best type of mouthguard to reduce the risk of dental injury during physical activity

Off the shelf mouthguards that can be bought from sports stores and pharmacies can be considerably bulky and do not provide adequate protection in addition to often impeding breathing and communication while they are being worn.

The precise fit of our custom mouthguards mean that all of your teeth are covered correctly and will fit snugly, preventing the mouthguard from getting displaced and falling out.


Mouthguard Tips:

  • check your mouthguard every 12 months for optimal fit and protection.
  • keep your mouthguard clean and store it in a rigid container, away from heat to ensure it maintains its shape